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League Management Update, January 2024

23 January 2024


Trevor Ridley

League Management Update, January 2024

The EWFL management committee met on 23rd January 2024.

Several key points arose out of the EWFL committee meeting on Monday.

The 2024 season start dates for different age groups have now been confirmed. The over 50s will start on Saturday 6th April while the over 60s, over 65s and over 70s will start on Tuesday 23rd April. Because of this late start the committee will look to arrange a one day tournament on Tuesday 16th April.

Fixtures Secretary, Kevin Preston, will inform all clubs of the fixture dates for each age group and division once the final Club list is known after the end of January.

Peter Osborne, the registration secretary, will be sending an email to all clubs letting them know how to register their players on the Whole Game System as any player who is not registered will not be able to play.

The committee also decided to bring the age of goalkeepers in line across all age groups. This means that goalkeepers in the over 60s can be 55 and over, goalkeepers in the over 65s can be 60 and over while goalkeepers in the over 70s can be 65 and over.

Gary Murphy reported that the representative League teams are getting into full swing with the over 60s and over 65s playing at a tournament in Cheltenham as well as in a WFLA Inter League tournament. The over 50s are holding their first trials in February following a call out for players by manager Simon Crump - there is still time to sign up.

To read the full minutes of the meeting please go to the Governance>League Documents>Committtee Papers section.

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