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Laws of the Game

This section is dedicated to the Essex Walking Football League Laws of the Game. The LotG as implemented by the Essex League are very closely related to the FA Laws of the Game with a few additions. These are listed below.

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FA Laws of the Games as amended by Essex Walking Football League

The following amendments have been made to the FA Laws of the Game by the Essex Walking Football League and will be in place for the coming season:

Change 1

No tackling is allowed from the back, side or the front.

Change 2

The referee will use a Green card to indicate a warning. A third warning will be indicated by a Blue card and 3 minutes in the Sin Bin.

Change 3

The time in the sin bin for a Blue card will be three minutes.

Change 4

After a player is given a second warning the resulting free kick must be taken before any substitution takes place for the offending team.

Change 5

Substitutions may only take place when the ball is out of play - not when play is stopped by the referee.

Change 6

A goal cannot be scored directly from any kick-in, free kick or corner.

Change 7

Any player found to be Time Wasting will receive a warning and a free kick awarded against that player.

Change 8

Teams will be 6-a-side with a maximum squad size of nine.

Change 9

The League will NOT be implementing the "four team walking infringement/penalty" as detailed in Law 18.

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