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Essex Are South of England Champions

3 March 2024


Gary Murphy

Essex Are South of England Champions

A heroic display by the Essex League over 65s saw them triumph over strong opposition

On Saturday 3rd March Essex won the over 65s South of England County Tournament held at Bishop Cleeve FC in Cheltenham. In a repeat of the 2023 final Essex revenged their previous loss to Somerset by beating the West Country boys 2-1 in the final.

Essex and Somerset will now play against two finalists from the Northern Tournament, Stafford and Cheshire, in a four team tournament. The winners will be crowned as National Champions. No date has yet been fixed but the Finals will be held at Bishop Cleeve FC.

Results on the day:

Group Stage tables:

Group 1:

Hampshire       8pts

Bucks                6pts

London             2pts

Group 2:

Somerset        8pts

Oxford             6pts

Devon              0pts

Group 3:

Wiltshire         8pts

Dorset             6pts

Cornwall         1pts

Group 4:

Essex               10pts

Gloucester       7pts

Worcester        0pts


Oxford 2 v 1 Hampshire

Somerset 1 v 0 Bucks

Wiltshire 2 v 0 Gloucester

Essex 3 v 0 Dorset


Somerset 2 v 0 Oxford

Essex 1 v 0 Wiltshire


Essex 2 v 1 Somerset

Essex over 65s Squad: Peter Henry, Paul Arbor, Steve Gawn (Gk), Paul Tregent, Colin Haydon, Danny Spencer, Brendan O'Mahoney, Glenn Mitchell.

Manager: Gary Murphy

Assistant manager: Peter Orford

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Image used © 2024 Essex Walking Football League

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