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2024 Season News

1 January 2024


Trevor Ridley

2024 Season News

The 2024 season will kick-off in April 2024. There are several new teams joining the League at all age groups.

The 2024 season is due to start at the beginning of April 2024 with the over 50s starting after 2nd April and the over 60s, over 65s and over 70s starting on the 9th April. Currently the over 50s league will still be at Chelmsford with the over 60s, over 65s and over 70s leagues continueing to play at Billericay Town FC. The committee are still looking to identify an alternative playing facility for the over 50s but this is proving problematic due to costs and travel contraints.

The league have been approached by several Clubs with a view to them joining the EWFL. These include West Ham, Bexley Boys, Heybridge and a second Romford team. The league have also been approached by teams from the north of the county but that is still a work in progress.

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